Michael ORTHEY

Member of the CEO's Office

After gaining three years of experience working at well-regarded establishments like the Renaissance Hotel (Marriott International) and Lindner Hotels in Germany, Michael achieved a significant milestone in 2014 when he completed his final examination to become a certified Hotel Industry Expert. This qualification is recognized as equivalent to level 4 on both the German and European Qualifications Frameworks.

Following this accomplishment, he transitioned into event management before making a life-changing decision to move to the United Arab Emirates in late 2015. There, he took on the role of managing a company in the industrial sector, where he was responsible for overseeing the workforce, managing finances, and acquiring new clients in the Middle East region. During this time, Michael also pursued studies in business psychology, demonstrating his commitment to continuous personal and professional growth.

In 2018, Michael successfully facilitated the sale of the company. Following this achievement, he moved on to his current position at Helvetican AG in Switzerland, where he continues to contribute his expertise and strategic thinking to the company's success.

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